Visiting Days – Saturday or Sunday – One hour visit time as follows:

Male inmates:  9 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 6 pm & 7 pm

Female inmates:  2 pm & 3 pm

Visits begin on the hour.  Visitors should sign in 15 minutes prior to the visit since it takes a few minutes to get the inmate ready for visitation.  Once you leave the visiting room, the visit is terminated and you cannot re-enter.

Inmates are allowed one (1) visit per weekend with a maximum of four (4) visitors per inmate.

The NO’s

  • No smoking/tobacco materials, bags, purses, or carried objects in the visiting room.
  • No cursing, drinking, alcohol, prescriptions, controlled substances allowed on the property.
  • No exchanging of property between visitor and inmate.
  • No arguing with staff whatsoever.  Visiting is a privilege, not a right.

The DO’s

  • Do respect the visitors who may be at the next window.
  • Do check in early so we can prepare the inmate for a visit.
  • Do expect to wait on busy days or be turned away if requests are two heavy.
  • Do present a valid ID (picture ID, drivers license, etc.,)
  • Do bring an adult with you if you are less than seventeen (17) years of age.

Violation of rules may result in termination of visit, lost of visiting privilege, and/or criminal charges.


You may mail or drop off government checks, other facility checks.  NO personal checks or cash will be accepted. ALL incoming mail must have a full return address and the complete mailing address as listed below before it will be delivered to the inmate. ALL mail must be in postcard form only. Books must be soft cover and come from a vendor (i.e. Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.).  Mail must be addressed as follows:

(Inmate name)
St. Francois County Jail
1550 Doubet Road
Farmington, Missouri  63640

Commisary Funds

Commisary Money

For additional information or questions about visiting the St. Francois Co. Jail.