Saint Francois County, Missouri – Opioid Settlement Funds

Saint Francois County, Missouri will begin accepting applications for the disbursement funds awarded to our County through the settlement of lawsuits against manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies as we work together and with the community partners to recover from and prevent future adverse effects caused by opioids.

Application and Guidelines
The Opioid Settlement Funds Application, including attachments, must be submitted through email ([email protected]) by 11:59 p.m. on May 31, 2024. Please refer to the Opioid Settlement Funds – Funding Objectives and Limitations for guidance as proposals are drafted. The application and corresponding documents can be located on the Saint Francois County website (

Appropriation of Funds and Award Period
The County has appropriated $200,000.00 of the Opioid Settlement Funds to be awarded. The funding period shall be from July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025. All funding is on a reimbursement basis. The final request for reimbursement shall be submitted to the County no later than June 14, 2025. As stated in the Funding Objectives and Limitations, all funding awarded that is not expended and reimbursed in the specified award period shall be forfeited. The County will annually appropriate opioid settlement funds to be awarded; provided, however, the County receives sufficient opioid settlement funds to pay for such appropriations.

Opioid Settlement Funds Review Board
The Opioid Settlement Funds Review Board will be tasked with selecting proposals for funding no later than June 28, 2024. The Review Board shall be made up of up to six (6) members, four (4) of which are individuals who hold the identified positions, or who represent the identified entities or subject matter areas: a Lieutenant with the County Sheriff’s Department; the 24th judicial circuit court treatment court administrator, or his/her designee; Parkland Health Center
representative, or his/her designee; and BJC Behavioral Health representative. The board shall also include two (2) elected officials of the County that are non-voting members: Presiding Commissioner and Treasurer.

The Review Board shall submit a report to the County Commission recommending applications to be awarded, which outlines (i) the allocation amount and to what entity; (ii) the intended use for the allocation; and (iii) the corresponding outcomes. The County Commission shall approve funding in a public session commission meeting and documented in the meeting minutes. An agency or organization which receives an allocation of opioid settlement funds must
demonstrate it is successfully meeting or exceeding its targeted outcomes. The agency or organization shall provide the Review Board with statistical outcomes on a quarterly basis so its members may evaluate this evidence and determine whether the funding has made a positive impact. If not, the feasibility of future allocations may be in jeopardy.

The Review Board shall receive, review, and approve all requests for reimbursement prior to forwarding to the County Auditor’s office to process the reimbursement.

The Review Board shall report to the County Commission of any agency or organization which received an allocation of opioid settlement funds that has not complied with funding requirements or meeting expectations.

For additional information regarding the Opioid Settlement Fund application, or clarification on the application review process, please contact:
Parks Peterson
Saint Francois County Treasurer
[email protected]