Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud Alert2022-10-11T11:29:18-05:00

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Phone:  Property Fraud Alert Line at 800-728-3858

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Contact St. Francois County Recorder of Deeds Office at 573-756-2323


800-797-5222 4400, 48th Ave., Court Rock Island, IL 61201

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Property Fraud?2022-09-30T13:23:48-05:00

When someone illegally uses your property for financial gain.

How does Property Fraud Happen?2022-09-30T13:27:47-05:00

Someone records a fraudulent document in the county land records office, making it look like they own your home or property.

Should I be concerned about Property Fraud?2022-09-30T13:28:41-05:00

YES. According to the FBI property and mortgage fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime.

What can I do about Property Fraud?2022-09-30T14:20:27-05:00

Your county land records office has teamed up to create a notification service called, Property Fraud Alert.

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