Merchant’s License

Missouri Law, §150.010 RSMo, indicates that every person, corporation, co-partnership or association of persons, who deals in selling goods, wares and merchandise at any store, stand or place occupied for that purpose, is a “merchant”.

A St. Francois County Merchant’s License is required if:

  1. You own or operate a business; and
  2. The business is located in St. Francois County either within or outside the city limits of any incorporated area; and
  3. There is a sales tax number issued to the business by the Missouri Department of Revenue; and
  4. Product or merchandise is sold at retail and you collect and remit sales tax to the Missouri Department of Revenue; or, product or merchandise is sold at wholesale.

To obtain a Merchant’s License, fill out the application (link below), attach check or money order and return to the application to St. Francois County Collector’s office.

Merchant License Application