The St. Francois County Prosecuting attorney’s office employs up to five Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, an Office Manager, two Victim Advocates, two commissioned Investigators and eight Administrative Support staff members.  Additionally, we host the 24th Judicial Circuit’s Child Support Enforcement Unit consisting of one Assistant Prosecutor and two Administrative Support staff members.

Prosecuting Attorney – Blake Dudley

I started my legal career as Picture of Blake Dudleyan Assistant Prosecutor of St. Francois County in 1996. After a long break as a private attorney,
I decided it was time to give back to my community. I ran for, and was elected Prosecuting Attorney in 2022.

As Prosecuting Attorney I am committed to the fair, yet aggressive enforcement of our laws to ensure the safety all of our citizens, and justice for our crime victims. A judge once told me, “There is only one person in that courtroom who has a sworn duty to protect the rights of each and every person in the room. That’s the Prosecutor.” I agree wholeheartedly. To accomplish our duty, my team is pledged to work diligently with our county’s law enforcement agencies, with the cooperation of our community, to fully investigate and effectively prosecute crime at all levels.