Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses not handled by a municipality are forwarded to our office for prosecution.  Click one of the toggles below for more information.

What if I want to negotiate with the prosecutor about my ticket?  Unfortunately, because of staff constraints we cannot negotiate tickets with unrepresented defendants by mail, email or phone. However, we can work with you to resolve your case on your court date in the Associate Circuit Court. If you want to speak with us about your ticket, please appear on the court date and we will speak with you.

What happens if I do not appear for court?  Your failure to appear in court could result in a warrant issued for your arrest or a suspension of your driver’s license.  If you have a question about a court date or the status of an outstanding warrant, you must contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office – our office cannot answer any questions about court dates or warrants in person or over the telephone. Additionally, our office cannot change your court date – you must appear on or before the date listed on your summons or traffic ticket. If you need to speak with the court about court dates, call the Circuit Clerk’s Office at (573) 756-3623.  

What is the punishment for my ticket?  Punishment for most traffic tickets can range anywhere from a small fine up to a fine and jail time. We cannot advise you about the consequences of any action or the options you have available.  

Do I need a lawyer for my traffic case? You always have the right to contact an attorney to discuss your legal options and the consequences of a plea of guilty.  We cannot advise you about those issues. If you are not sure who to contact, please call the Missouri Bar Lawyer Referral Service at (573) 636-3635 or Since we represent the State of Missouri, we cannot and will not give you legal advice. Furthermore, we cannot recommend particular attorneys or provide referrals to attorneys. 

What if I just want to plead guilty? 

  • If you simply want to pay your ticket before your court date, you can do so online at, and select the “Pay by Web” option.  At the next screen, select the 24th Judicial Circuit and enter your ticket number (e.g. 703123456), then follow the prompts
  • If you want to negotiate on your own behalf with a prosecuting attorney, bring any relevant documentation with you to your court date.  This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Proof of insurance (for no insurance tickets): Insurance card, letter from insurance company, OR electronic proof of insurance on your smart phone
    • Proof of registration (for failure to register motor vehicle/expired tags tickets)
    • Driving record (for any moving violations like speeding or improper lane change), see for how to obtain a copy of your driving record
    • Proof that you have otherwise rectified the violation (e.g. if you have been ticketed for having a broken windshield, proof that you have had the windshield replaced).

Because we represent the State of Missouri, we ARE NOT permitted to give legal advice.

The St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office DOES NOT collect fines for any criminal case.  To pay a fine on a traffic or criminal case, please contact the Criminal Division of the Circuit Clerk’s office at (573)756-4551 ext. 2 and they can assist you.

The following procedure applies to traffic tickets not filed with a criminal case number.

The following offenses will be filed with a criminal case number, are not subject to this policy, and should be
handled in the same manner as other criminal charges:
– Driving while suspended/revoked
– Driving without a valid license (NVOL)
– Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence
–  Careless and Imprudent Driving

1. Verify that the ticket has been submitted to the court by our office by checking the ticket number in
Casenet. Any correspondence or documentation received prior to submission of the case to the
court will be returned to you.

2. File an entry of appearance in Casenet. A letter to our office without an entry of appearance filed in
Casenet will not suffice and will be returned to you.

3. Submit a request for a recommendation and a copy of your client’s driving record to our office. Include
the ticket number and your client’s name. If your client is charged with a no insurance violation,
provide proof of insurance at the time of the offense or current insurance with your letter.

4. Our office will file a plea recommendation via Casenet in the form of a proposed, unsigned guilty plea
form indicating any offered amendments, fines, and/or classes to be completed prior to a plea of guilty
(e.g. DIP or LIFE). This will be the recommendation from our office.

5. Plea offers will expire 90 days from the date we file the proposed plea form with the court.

6. If your client wishes to accept the plea recommendation, print the proposed plea form from Casenet,
complete any relevant portions, and send the form with payment of fines and court costs to the Circuit
Clerk’s Office. If the completion of classes (e.g. DIP and LIFE) is part of the plea recommendation, you
must include proof of completion with the plea form and payment. An attorney from our office will sign
the plea form after it is received by the Clerk’s Office.

Associate Circuit Court, Division 3
1 North Washington Street
Farmington, Missouri 63640
(573) 756-3623

7. Direct any questions regarding the status of your plea, court costs and payment to the Circuit Clerk’s

If your client does not wish to accept the recommendation or does not accept the recommendation within 90
days of our filing of the proposed plea form in Casenet, your client will either need to plead open to the court or
set the case for bench trial.