The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) provides funds for specified uses during these trying times the country is facing. These funds have been made available to St.Francois County and the press release will go into further detail about the different phases and application process.

Press Release

We have included an amendment to the press release to provide clarification on the process.

Press Release Amendment

Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission (“SEMORPC”) have provided an application to submit for anyone who qualifies under the CARES Act during the allowed phases. The Award Agreement must be completed and submitted with the application. Please submit the form to the contacts provided within the application, not to the county itself.

CARES Act Request Distribution Application and Award Agreement Certification Form

For more information about this act, please click CARES Act.

The US Treasury has issued an updated FAQ as of May 28th about the funds. Please refer to the link below:

Relief Fund FAQ